Encarta 2002 Updates

Below are links to all the updates for the English version of Encarta 2002.  Links to updates for other languages of Encarta 2002 can be found on the following pages:

Australian Encarta 2002 Updates
French Encarta 2002 Updates
German Encarta 2002 Updates
Italian Encarta 2002 Updates
Japanese Encarta 2002 Updates
Spanish Encarta 2002 Updates

Before downloading, first make sure that hidden files and folders are visible on your computer.  You can do this by going into the Control Panel and opening up Folder Options (this is under "Appearance and Themes" if using category view in Windows XP).  Go to the "View" tab and in the "Advanced Settings" section.  Scroll to the "Hidden files and folders" option and make sure "Show hidden files and folders" is selected.

The folder to download these updates to will vary depending on what version of Windows you are running.  To find the folder to download the updates to, I'd recommend searching your computer for "UPDATE02.TXT" or "02A*.its."  On Windows 2000/XP, it should point you to a folder similar to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Encarta Reference Library\ST02ADLXD\Updates.  On Windows 98/Me it will be similar to: C:\Windows\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Encarta Reference Library\ST02ADLXD\Updates.

Please note that the following updates are for the English version of the Encarta 2002 only.  If your version of Encarta is a different language, scroll to the top of this page and select the link for your language.

Update 1 (33Kb)
Update 2 (247Kb)
Update 3 (159Kb)
Update 4 (261Kb)
Update 5 (733Kb)
Update 6 (422Kb)
Update 7 (441Kb)
Update 8 (523Kb)
Update 9 (407Kb)
Update 10 (524Kb)
Update 11 (653Kb)
Update 12 (616Kb)
Update 13 (848Kb)
Update 14 (508Kb)
Update 15 (255Kb)
Update 16 (470Kb)
Update 17 (265Kb)
Update 18 (1,036Kb)
Update 19 (273Kb)
Update 20 (192Kb)
Update 21 (264Kb)
Update 22 (356Kb)
Update 23 (384Kb)
Update 24 (358Kb)
Update 25 (247Kb)
Update 26 (436Kb)
Update 27 (576Kb)
Update 28 (1,377Kb)
Update 29 (398Kb)
Update 30 (321Kb)
Update 31 (351Kb)
Update 32 (379Kb)
Update 33 (643Kb)
Update 34 (243Kb)
Update 35 (351Kb)
Update 36 (465Kb)
Update 37 (900Kb)
Update 38 (569Kb)
Update 39 (432Kb)
Update 40 (428Kb)
Update 41 (335Kb)
Update 42 (330Kb)
Update 43 (417Kb)
Update 44 (720Kb)
Update 45 (402Kb)
Update 46 (502Kb)
Update 47 (344Kb)
Update 48 (820Kb)
Update 49 (324Kb)
Update 50 (521Kb)
Update 51 (430Kb)

Total update size is 22.9Mb

There will be no more content updates for Encarta 2002.

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