Italian Encarta 2002 Updates

Below are links to all the updates for the Italian version of Encarta 2002.  These updates will need to be placed in your Encarta Updates folder.  To find this folder, search your computer for "02I*.its".  If you are using an English version of Windows, this will be similar to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Encarta Reference Library\ST02IDLXD\Updates.  You may need to turn on hidden files and folders to see this folder.

Update 1 (776Kb)
Update 2 (1,186Kb)
Update 3 (1.138Kb)
Update 4 (810Kb)
Update 5 (556Kb)
Update 6 (1,214Kb)
Update 7 (482Kb)
Update 8 (1,026Kb)
Update 9 (913Kb)
Update 10 (963Kb)
Update 11 (795Kb)
Update 12 (914Kb)
Update 13 (761Kb)

Total size of current updates is 11.3Mb

There will be no more content updates for Encarta 2002.

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