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6-6-2006:  For those of you that have been frequent (or even infrequent) visitors to this site over the last 2+ years, you may have noticed that the pages haven't been updated for a long time.  This has been due to my life being very busy, from work, to family, to schooling.  Having an ancient laptop (old IBM Thinkpad with a Pentium 133Mhz chip) didn't help either.  I'd intended to use the laptop to work on the website during downtime and breaks at work.  That obviously didn't happen.  The computer was just too slow, and didn't have much drive space (a 2.1Gb drive) to be practical.

Yes, I have a copy of the site on my main system and server, but as I mentioned, my life has been very busy.  I have a full time job (consistently 40+ hours per week), have had some family issues to deal with (including my father having a major stroke last August [he's still in rehab]), and taking college classes off-and-on.  Getting an Xbox 360 last November didn't help either, as I've been averaging at least 2 hours of gaming a day (and as many as 14 hours the day Oblivion came out).  In the meantime, this site has sat static, though I've used some of my webspace to host some files.

Now the good news.  I just got a new laptop and will be getting the site up-to-date, and hopefully keeping it that way once it's all current.  For anyone curious, the laptop is a Toshiba A105-S2061.  It's got a Celeron M 390 (1.7Ghz) CPU, 512Mb DDR2 RAM (came with 256Mb), 60Gb drive, CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, 802.11b/g wireless LAN, and a 15.4" screen.  It came with Windows XP Home, however I upgraded to XP Pro and installed Office 2003 Enterprise Professional (Office 2003 Pro plus Infopath), FrontPage 2003, and OneNote 2003.

As of right now, I have the Encarta 2002 and 2004 pages completed, as well as the page for the English version of Encarta 2003.  I hope to have all the pages for the 2003 version done by tomorrow evening, then I will start working on the 2005 and 2006 versions.  If all goes well, I should have the site completely up-to-date by the end of this week.

I'd also like to apologize at this time to anyone who has e-mailed me and never gotten a response.  I'm unfortunately stuck with 56k dial-up internet access and don't always get a lot of time online.  When I am online, I prioritize my time, and do the same when reading/replying to e-mail.  Rest assured that I have read your e-mails, just don't usually have the time to respond.  If anyone that's e-mailed me in the past wants/needs a response, please e-mail me again.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep better tabs on my e-mail as well with the new laptop.

Well, that's all for now.  I have work to do on the website.  By this evening I should have all the pages that have been updated uploaded to my webhost.

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