The S's

Scotches in Italics are not available at the Dundee Dell.

Tried Scotch Bottler
Yes Scapa 9yo (1989) Signatory
  Scapa 10yo (1983) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Scapa 12yo Distillery
Yes Scapa 12yo (1991) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Scapa 14yo Distillery
Yes Scapa 24yo (1965) Cadenhead
  Scapa 25yo (1963) Gordon & MacPhail
  Scapa 28yo (1977) Duncan Taylor
Yes Serendipity Distillery
  Singleton 10yo (1983) Distillery
Yes Singleton of Glendullan 12yo Distillery
Yes Speyburn 10yo Distillery
  Speyburn 15yo (1975) Cadenhead
  Speyburn 18yo (1971) Gordon & MacPhail
  Speyburn 21yo Cask Strength (1977) Distillery
  Speyburn 29yo (1967) Cadenhead
Yes Springbank 10yo Distillery
  Springbank 10yo (1991) Black Adder
Yes Springbank 10yo 100 Proof Distillery
  Springbank 12yo Distillery
Yes Springbank 12yo Rum Finish Distillery
  Springbank 15yo Distillery
  Springbank 21yo Squat Distillery
  Springbank 21yo Distillery
  Springbank 24yo Sherry (1966) Distillery
  Springbank 25yo Distillery
  Springbank 26yo (1969) Signatory
  Springbank 30yo Bourbon (1966) Distillery
  Springbank 36yo (1967) Duncan Taylor
  St. Magdalene 30yo (1975) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Strathisla 12yo Distillery
  Strathisla 16yo (1987) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Strathisla 25yo Gordon & MacPhail
  Strathisla 27yo (1967) Gordon & MacPhail
  Strathisla 33yo (1969) Mackillop's Choice
  Strathisla 35yo (1955) Gordon & MacPhail
  Strathisla 35yo (1968) Duncan Taylor
Yes Strathisla 36yo (1967; 42.5% ABV) Duncan Taylor
  Strathisla 40yo (1960) Gordon & MacPhail
  Strathisla 40yo (1963) Gordon & MacPhail
  Strathmill 11yo (1980) Cadenhead