The L's

Scotches in Italics are not available at the Dundee Dell.

Tried Scotch Bottler
  Ladyburn 25yo (1973) ???
Yes Lagavulin 12yo Cask Strength (1992; 58.2% ABV) Distillery
Yes Lagavulin 16yo Distillery
Yes Lagavulin 16yo Distiller's Edition (1990) Distillery
Yes Lagavulin 16yo Distiller's Edition (1991) Distillery
Yes Laphroaig 7yo Cask Strength for Binny's (1999) Signatory
Yes Laphroaig Cask 3672 for Binny's (7yo, 2000; 59.4% ABV) Signatory
Yes Laphroaig Cask 3683 (7yo; 2000; 46% ABV) Signatory
Yes Laphroaig 10yo Distillery
Yes Laphroaig 10yo Cask Strength (55.7% ABV) Distillery
  Laphroaig 12yo (1988) Black Adder
Yes Laphroaig 15yo Distillery
Yes Laphroaig 30yo Distillery
  Laphroaig 40yo Distillery
Yes Laphroaig Quarter Cask Distillery
Yes Ledaig 9yo Distillery
Yes Ledaig 10yo Distillery
  Ledaig 15yo Distillery
  Ledaig 20yo Distillery
  Ledaig 22yo (1972) Cadenhead
  Linkwood 11yo (1989) Black Adder
  Linkwood 11yo (1989) Hart Brothers
  Linkwood 11yo (1984) Signatory
Yes Linkwood 12yo (1984) Signatory
Yes Linkwood 14yo (1990) Signatory
Yes Linkwood 15yo Gordon & MacPhail
  Linkwood 18yo (1978) Cadenhead
  Linkwood 21yo (1968) Gordon & MacPhail
  Linkwood 26yo (1975) Rare Malts
  Linkwood 29yo (1961) Gordon & MacPhail
  Linkwood 29yo (1972) Gordon & MacPhail
  Linkwood 33yo (1969) Gordon & MacPhail
  Linkwood 40yo (1954) Gordon & MacPhail
 Yes Linlithgow Cask 2214 (21yo; 1982; 63.5% ABV) Duncan Taylor
Yes Littlemill 8yo Gordon & MacPhail
  Littlemill 12yo Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Littlemill 12yo (1994; 43% ABV) Distillery
  Littlemill 16yo Signatory
Yes Littlemill 17yo Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Littlemill 18yo (1985) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Loch Lomond 9yo (1985; 60.5% ABV) Cadenhead
  Loch Lomond 10yo (1988) Hart Brothers
  Lochside 12yo (1991) Gordon & MacPhail
  Longmorn 10yo Cask Strength (1989) Hart Brothers
  Longmorn 12yo Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Longmorn 15yo Distillery
  Longmorn 16yo (1987) Whiskey Galore
Yes Longmorn 25yo (1973) Hart Brothers
  Longmorn 27yo (1962) Gordon & MacPhail
  Longmorn 29yo (1972) Black Adder
  Longmorn 29yo (1973) Duncan Taylor
  Longmorn 30yo (1964) Gordon & MacPhail
  Longmorn 24yo Cask Strength (1969) Distillery
Yes Longrow Oak 10yo (1992) Distillery
  Longrow Oak 10yo (1996) Distillery
  Longrow Sherry 10yo Distillery
Yes Longrow 7yo Gaia Barolo finish (2000; 55.8% ABV) Distillery
Yes Longrow 10yo 100 Proof Duncan Taylor
Yes Longrow 14yo (46% ABV) Distillery
  Longrow 16yo (1974) Distillery