The G's

Scotches in Italics are not available at the Dundee Dell.

Tried Scotch Bottler
  Glen Albyn 21yo (1968) Gordon & MacPhail
  Glen Albyn 23yo (1965) Gordon & MacPhail
  Glen Albyn 26yo (1974) Black Adder
  Glen Albyn 27yo (1964) Cadenhead
  Glenburgie 10yo Distillery
  Glenburgie 13yo (1978) Cadenhead
  Glenburgie 28yo (1962) Cadenhead
  Glenburgie 34yo (1969) Duncan Taylor
  Glencadam 11yo (1980) Cadenhead
  Glencadam 16yo (1974) Gordon & MacPhail
  Glendarroch 35yo (1969) Duncan Taylor
  Glen Deveron 12yo (1987) Distillery
  Glendronach 9yo Sherry Cask (1987) Signatory
  Glendronach 12yo Distillery
  Glendronach 13yo (1990) Whiskey Galore
  Glendronach 15yo Distillery
  Glendronach 19yo Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Glendronach 25yo Sherry Cask (1968) Distillery
Yes Glendronach 26yo (1974; 45% ABV) Black Adder
Yes Glendronach 35yo Duncan Taylor
  Glendullan 17yo (1978) Cadenhead
  Glendullan 25yo (1965) Cadenhead
  Glen Elgin 22yo (1971) Cadenhead
  Glen Elgin 12yo Sherry (1991) Whiskey Galore
  Glen Esk 13yo (1982) Cadenhead
Yes Glen Esk 17yo (1985) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Glen Esk Cask 4928 (1983; 20yo; 58.4% ABV) Duncan Taylor
Yes Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength Distillery
  Glenfarclas 12yo Distillery
Yes Glenfarclas 15yo Distillery
Yes Glenfarclas 17yo Distillery
  Glenfarclas 21yo Distillery
  Glenfarclas Square 21yo Distillery
Yes Glenfarclas 25yo Distillery
  Glenfarclas 30yo Distillery
Yes Glenfarclas 32yo (1974; 57.4% ABV) Distillery
  Glenfarclas Square 25yo Distillery
  Glenfarclas 30yo (1961) Distillery
Yes Glenfarclas 38yo (1968) Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 12yo Special Reserve Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 12yo Toasted Oak Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 15yo Solera Reserve Distillery
  Glenfiddich 18yo Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 18yo Ancient Reserve Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 21yo Gran Reserve Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 21yo Havana Reserve Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 30yo Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 48yo Cask Sample (1959; 44.1% ABV) Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 50yo Cask Sample (1957; 46.9% ABV) Distillery
Yes Glenfiddich 52yo Cask Sample (1955; 52.4% ABV) Distillery
Yes Glen Garioch 8yo Distillery
Yes Glen Garioch 10yo Distillery
  Glen Garioch 15yo (1983) Whiskey Galore
Yes Glen Garioch 15yo Distillery
  Glen Garioch 15yo Sherry (1988) Distillery
  Glen Garioch 21yo Distillery
  Glen Garioch 25yo Cooper's Choice
  Glenglassaugh 15yo (1977) Cadenhead
  Glenglassaugh 20yo (1986) Murray McDavid
  Glengoyne 10yo Distillery
  Glengoyne 12yo Distillery
Yes Glengoyne 17yo Distillery
Yes Glengoyne 19yo Ewan's Choice Cask 441 (1986; 51.5% ABV) Distillery
Yes Glen Grant 15yo Port Finish Cooper's Choice
Yes Glen Grant 21yo (1972) Gordon & MacPhail
  Glen Grant 23yo (1972) Signatory
  Glen Grant 29yo (1972) Hart Brothers
  Glen Grant 30yo Gordon & MacPhail
  Glen Grant 31yo (1969) Hart Brothers
  Glen Grant 31yo (1972) Duncan Taylor
  Glen Grant 34yo Sherry Cask Duncan Taylor
  Glen Gyle 8yo Gordon & MacPhail
  Glen Keith 10yo (1983) Cadenhead
  Glen Keith 22yo (1973) Cadenhead
  Glenkinchie 10yo Distillery
Yes Glenkinchie 12yo Distillery
Yes Glenkinchie Distiller's Edition Distillery
Yes Glenlivet 12yo French Oak Finish Distillery
Yes Glenlivet 12yo Distillery
  Glenlivet 15yo Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Glenlivet Nadurra 16yo (1990; 57.2% ABV) Distillery
Yes Glenlivet 18yo Distillery
  Glenlivet 20yo Cellar Collection (1983) Distillery
  Glenlivet 21yo Archive Distillery
  Glenlivet 22yo (1973) Cadenhead
  Glenlivet 22yo Archive Distillery
  Glenlivet 29yo (1969) Distillery
Yes Glenlivet 35yo (1968) Duncan Taylor
  Glenlochy 17yo (1975) Cadenhead
  Glenlochy 25yo (1969) Distillery
  Glenlossie 15yo (1980) Cadenhead
  Glenlossie 18yo (1971) Gordon & MacPhail
  Glenlossie 25yo (1975) Cadenhead
  Glenlossie 27yo (1976) Cooper's Choice
Yes Glenlossie 27yo (1978) Gordon & MacPhail
  Glen Mhor 19yo (1976) Cadenhead
Yes Glen Moray 12yo (old bottling) Distillery
Yes Glen Moray 12yo (blue, new bottling) Distillery
  Glen Moray 16yo Distillery
  Glen Moray 27yo (1964) Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 10yo Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie Traditional 100º Proof (10yo; 57.2% ABV) Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 12yo Bourbon Wood Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 12yo Burgundy Wood Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 12yo Millennium Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 12yo Port Wood Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 12yo Sherry Wood Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 12yo Madeira Wood Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie Cellar 13 (10yo) Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie Nectar D'or (12yo, Sauternes Finish) Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban (12yo, Port Finish) Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie Lasanta (12yo, Sherry Finish) Distillery
  Glenmorangie 15yo Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 18yo Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 22yo (1971) Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie Côte de Nuits Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie Claret Wood Finish (25yo) Distillery
  Glenmorangie 23yo (1977) Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 25yo Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 25yo Malaga Wood Finish Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 25yo Quarter Century Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie 19yo Sauternes Finish (1981) Distillery
  Glenmorangie Culloden (24yo, 1971) Distillery
Yes Glenmorangie Tain L'Hermitage (17yo, 1978) Distillery
Yes Glenrothes New Make Spirit (2007; 68.8% ABV) Distillery
 Yes Glenrothes Select Distillery
  Glenrothes 11yo (1989) Distillery
  Glenrothes 13yo (1987) Distillery
  Glenrothes 13yo (1992) Distillery
Yes Glenrothes 14yo (1991) Distillery
  Glenrothes 14yo (1990) Signatory
Yes Glenrothes 15yo (1991) Distillery
  Glenrothes 16yo (1982) Distillery
Yes Glenrothes 18yo (1987; 43% ABV) Distillery
Yes Glenrothes 21yo (1984) Distillery
  Glenrothes 22yo (1983) Distillery
  Glenrothes 26yo (1969) Signatory
Yes Glenrothes 26yo (1979) Distillery
  Glenrothes 30yo Gordon & MacPhail
  Glenrothes 30yo (1955) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Glenrothes 31yo (1975; 43% ABV) Distillery
Yes Glenrothes 32yo (1956) Gordon & MacPhail
  Glenrothes 32yo (1967) Caledonian Selection
  Glenrothes 33yo (1972) Distillery
  Glenrothes 35yo (1957) Gordon & MacPhail
  Glenrothes 35yo (1968) Duncan Taylor
  Glen Ord 12yo Distillery
Yes Glen Ord 30yo (58.7% ABV) Distillery
Yes Glen Scotia 12yo Distillery
  Glen Scotia 12yo Cask Strength (1992) Gordon & MacPhail
  Glen Scotia 13yo Cadenhead
  Glen Scotia 14yo Distillery
  Glen Scotia 17yo Distillery
  Glen Spey 14yo (1981) Cadenhead
  Glen Spey 15yo (1981) Cadenhead
  Glentauchers 16yo (1977) Cadenhead
  Glentauchers 18yo (1977) Cadenhead
Yes Glenturret 10yo (1991; 55.5% ABV) Hart Brothers
  Glenturret 15yo (1979) Whyte & Whyte
  Glenturret 21yo (1980) Black Adder
  Glenturret 27yo (1966) Distillery
  Glenugie 12yo (1980) Cadenhead
  Glenugie 22yo (1981) Duncan Taylor
  Glenugie 33yo (1966) Silent Stills
Yes Glenury Royal 20yo (1984; 51.3% ABV) Duncan Taylor
  Glenury Royal 24yo (1966) Cadenhead