The B's

Scotches in Italics are not available at the Dundee Dell.

Tried Scotch Bottler
Yes Balblair 10yo Gordon & MacPhail
  Balblair 16yo ???
  Balblair 24yo (1979) Distillery
  Balblair 31yo Distillery
  Balblair 33yo ???
Yes Balblair 37yo (1996; 40% ABV) Gordon & MacPhail
  Balmenach 18yo Hart Brothers
  Balmenach 19yo (1972) Gordon & MacPhail
  Balmenach 24yo (1961) Cadenhead
Yes Balvenie Traditional (12yo) Distillery
Yes Balvenie Founder's Reserve (10yo) Distillery
Yes Balvenie Double Wood (12yo) Distillery
Yes Balvenie Roasted Malt (14yo) Distillery
Yes Balvenie 15yo Single Barrel (1988; 47.8% ABV) Distillery
  Balvenie 17yo Distillery
Yes Balvenie 17yo Islay Cask Distillery
Yes Balvenie 17yo New Wood Distillery
Yes Balvenie 17yo Sherry Wood Distillery
Yes Balvenie 21yo Port Wood Distillery
Yes Balvenie 25yo Single Barrel (47% ABV) Distillery
  Balvenie 25yo (1973) Distillery
Yes Balvenie 30yo (1966) Distillery
Yes Balvenie 30yo (1973; 49.7% ABV) Distillery
  Banff 21yo (1976) Cadenhead
Yes Banff 23yo Cask 2250 (1976; 54.5% ABV) Silent Stills
  Banff 34yo (1966) Black Adder
  Ben Nevis 34yo (1966) Black Adder
  Benriach 43% ABV (10yo) Distillery
Yes Benriach Arumaticus Fumosus (12yo; Dark Rum; 46% ABV) Distillery
  Benriach Curiositas (10yo) Distillery
Yes Benriach Heredotus Fumosus (12yo; Pedro XimÚnez sherry; 46% ABV) Distillery
Yes Benriach Importaticus Fumosus (12yo; Tawny Port; 46% ABV) Distillery
  Benriach 15yo Madeira Finish Distillery
  Benriach 20yo Distillery
  Benriach 21yo (1969) Gordon & MacPhail
  Benriach 34yo (1968) Duncan Taylor
  Benrinnes 19yo (1971) Cadenhead
  Benrinnes 20yo (1980) Black Adder
  Benrinnes 22yo (1962) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Benrinnes 24yo (1969) Gordon & MacPhail
  Benrinnes 24yo (1972) Signatory
Yes Benromach Traditional Distillery
Yes Benromach Sassicaia Finish Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Benromach 12yo Gordon & MacPhail
  Benromach 18yo Gordon & MacPhail
  Benromach 27yo (1966) Cadenhead
  Bladnoch 9yo (1984) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Bladnoch 12yo (1990) Cooper's Choice
Yes Bladnoch 13yo (1988) Gordon & MacPhail
  Bladnoch 16yo (1980) Signatory
Yes Blair Athol 24yo (1966; 57.1% ABV) Cadenhead
  Blair Athol 27yo (1973) Black Adder
  Blair Athol 27yo (1975) Distillery
  Blairfindy 24yo (1976) Black Adder
  Bowmore Legend Distillery
Yes Bowmore Darkest (Sherry Finish) Distillery
Yes Bowmore Dusk (Claret Finish) Distillery
  Bowmore Voyage (Port Finish) Distillery
Yes Bowmore Cask Strength Distillery
Yes Bowmore Dawn (Port Finish; 51.5% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bowmore 12yo Distillery
Yes Bowmore Mariner (15yo) Distillery
  Bowmore 15yo Distillery
  Bowmore 16yo (1989) Distillery
Yes Bowmore 16yo Sherry Finish (1990; 53.8% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bowmore 16yo Port Finish (1991; 53.1% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bowmore 17yo Distillery
Yes Bowmore 18yo Distillery
  Bowmore 21yo (1971) Distillery
Yes Bowmore 21yo (1982) Duncan Taylor
  Bowmore 22yo Distillery
  Bowmore 25yo (1969) Distillery
  Bowmore 30yo Distillery
  Bowmore Black (30yo, 1964) Distillery
  Bowmore Krana Dubh (30yo) Distillery
  Bowmore 33yo Duncan Taylor
  Bowmore 34yo Sherry Finish Distillery
  Bowmore 37yo (1966) Distillery
Yes Braes of Glenlivet 8yo (1987; 62.6% ABV) Cadenhead
  Braes of Glenlivet 16yo (1975) Signatory
  Braes of Glenlivet 16yo (1979) Signatory
  Braes of Glenlivet 17yo (1979) Signatory
  Braes of Glenlivet 20yo (1977) Hart Brothers
  Brechin 28yo (1977) Distillery
Yes Brora 13yo (1982) Cadenhead
  Brora 21yo (1977) Rare Malts
Yes Brora 30yo (1977; 55.7% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich 3D▓ M˛ine M˛hr (50% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich 3D│ Norrie Campbell Tribute Bottling Distillery
  Bruichladdich 10yo Distillery
  Bruichladdich 10yo Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Bruichladdich 11yo (1991; 59.6% ABV) Caledonian Selection
Yes Bruichladdich 12yo (1991) Whiskey Galore
Yes Bruichladdich 12yo (1991) Duncan Taylor Prime Malts
  Bruichladdich 14yo Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich 14yo Barbaresco Finish (1993; 46% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich 14yo Barolo French Oak Finish (1993) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich 14yo Sassicaia American Oak Finish (1993) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich 15yo Distillery
  Bruichladdich 15yo (1989) Gordon & MacPhail
  Bruichladdich 17yo Distillery
  Bruichladdich 17yo (1984) ???
Yes Bruichladdich 18yo (46% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich 19yo (1979) Cadenhead
Yes Bruichladdich 20yo Second Edition "Flirtation" Distillery
  Bruichladdich 26yo (1969) Cadenhead
  Bruichladdich 30yo (1973) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich 34yo (1969; 46.8% ABV) Duncan Taylor
Yes Bruichladdich 35yo (1966; 44.5% ABV) Hart Brothers
Yes Bruichladdich 125th Anniversary (35yo, 1970) Distillery
  Bruichladdich 37yo (1977) Duncan Taylor
Yes Bruichladdich Infinity I (55.5% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich Blacker Still (20yo, 1986; 50.6% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich Links - Turnberry 10th (14yo) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich Full Strength (13yo, 1989; 57.1% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich Valinch (14yo, 1990) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich WMD II Yellow Submarine (14yo, 1991) Distillery
Yes Bruichladdich Redder Still (23yo, 1984) Distillery
Yes Bunnahabhain 9yo (for Binny's; 1997; 59.9% ABV) Signatory
Yes Bunnahabhain 12yo Distillery
Yes Bunnahabhain 14yo (1985) Gordon & MacPhail
  Bunnahabhain 15yo (1985) Black Adder
Yes Bunnahabhain 18yo (43% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bunnahabhain 25yo (43% ABV) Distillery
Yes Bunnahabhain 34yo (43.5% ABV) Distillery
  Bunnahabhain 35yo (1966) Hart Brothers
  Bunnahabhain 36yo (1967) Duncan Taylor
Yes Bunnahabhain Auld Acquaintance (34yo, 1968; 43.8% ABV) Distillery