The A's

Scotches in Italics are not available at the Dundee Dell.

Tried Scotch Bottler
Yes Aberfeldy 12yo (40% ABV) Distillery
  Aberfeldy 17yo (1978) Cadenhead
  Aberfeldy 18yo (1975) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Aberfeldy 21yo Distillery
Yes Aberlour A'bunadh (Batch 12) Distillery
Yes Aberlour A'bunadh (Batch 15) Distillery
Yes Aberlour A'bunadh (Batch 16) Distillery
Yes Aberlour A'bunadh (Batch 18) Distillery
Yes Aberlour A'bunadh (Batch 21; 59.5% ABV) Distillery
Yes Aberlour 10yo Distillery
Yes Aberlour 12yo Distillery
Yes Aberlour 15yo Distillery
Yes Aberlour 16yo Distillery
Yes Aberlour 18yo Distillery
Yes Aberlour 21yo Distillery
  Aberlour 25yo (1964) Distillery
  Aberlour 27yo (1963) Cadenhead
  Allt-a-Bhainne 15yo (1979) Whyte & Whyte
Yes Ardbeg Very Young For Discussion (6yo, 1997; 58.9% ABV) Distillery
Yes Ardbeg Still Young (8yo, 1998; 56.2% ABV) Distillery
  Ardbeg 8yo (1998) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Ardbeg 9yo (1994) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Ardbeg 9yo Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Ardbeg 10yo Distillery
Yes Ardbeg Airigm-nam-Beast (16yo, 1990) Distillery
  Ardbeg 17yo Distillery
Yes Ardbeg 18yo (1974) Whyte & Whyte
  Ardbeg 19yo (1974) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Ardbeg 20yo (1977) ???
Yes Ardbeg 20yo (1978) Distillery
  Ardbeg 22yo (1978) Gordon & MacPhail
Yes Ardbeg Provenance (25yo, 1974; 55.6% ABV) Distillery
Yes Ardbeg Lord of the Isles (25yo) Distillery
  Ardbeg 29yo (1974) ???
  Ardbeg 30yo (1963) Gordon & MacPhail
  Ardbeg 30yo (1967) Signatory
  Ardbeg 30yo (1974) Distillery
Yes Ardbeg 31yo Single Cask #1375 (1975; all sherry; 54.2% ABV) Distillery
Yes Ardbeg Uigeadail (54.2% ABV) Distillery
Yes  Ardmore Traditional Cask Distillery
  Ardmore 12yo (1990) Gordon & MacPhail
  Ardmore 13yo (1978) Cadenhead
Yes Ardmore 15yo (1988) Whiskey Galore
  Ardmore 18yo (1977) Cadenhead
Yes The Arran Distillery
Yes The Arran Single Bourbon Cask (10yo; 1996) Distillery
Yes The Arran Sassicaia Cask Finish (8yo; 55% ABV) Distillery
Yes The Arran Single Cask Cognac Cask Finish (57.8% ABV) Distillery
  Arran Sherry Finish 10yo Distillery
Yes Auchentoshan Select Distillery
Yes Auchentoshan NV Distillery
Yes Auchentoshan 10yo Distillery
Yes Auchentoshan QE2 (12yo) Distillery
  Auchentoshan 15yo (1981) Cadenhead
  Auchentoshan 17yo Distillery
  Auchentoshan 21yo Distillery
Yes Auchentoshan Triple Wood Distillery
Yes Auchroisk Syrah Guigal Côte Rote finish (13yo; 1992; 46% ABV) Murray McDavid
  Aultmore Sherry Wood (14yo, 1989) Whiskey Galore
  Ayrshire 30yo (1970) Gordon & MacPhail