PGR3 Photomode Pics

Here are some pics I took in the Photomode of PGR3 on the Xbox 360.  Ripped these to my computer using Explorer 360 and MS Visual C++ 6.0.  Some have come out corrupt (5 out of 26 so far), and a friend is working on fixing those.

Getting air in Tokyo in the F50 GT
A little too close for comfort
Getting air on a NYC bridge in the F1 LM
Nice cornering in Chinatown
Same corner, different angle
Doing ~220mph in the F1 LM
Plaque next to shifter in the F1 LM
Dash switches in the F50 GT
F50 GT getting airborne again
Showing a glitch, allowing you to go "inside" the cars (F50 GT here)
Interior of the F50 GT from the drivers seat
A floating tree on the Nürburgring track
Another shot of the tree
Shifter in the Shelby GT500E
Flag on the nitrous button in the GT500E
Inside the Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette
F1 LM in London (took this to complete the Photographer achievement)
F1 LM coming across one of the bridges in NYC
F1 LM on an overcast Nürburgring F1 track
Gauges in the Sledgehammer Corvette (odometer doesn't work unfortunately)
Plaque on the center console in the Sledgehammer (1 of at least 16 apparently)
Drifting in the Enzo (I love this shot)
Esprit makin' some smokey tracks
Head-on crash waiting to happen
Look ma, no keys (look at the radio station name)
F430 making smoke
Murciélago R-GT drifting
Ass end drifting shot of the R-GT
Mustang GT-R Concept drifting pretty

Now one not from the game, it's a pic of the PGR3 faceplate on my console.  Only about 700 of this faceplate were made and it was never sold in stores.
PGR3 faceplate

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